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Dental, Vision, and More


Original Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and visits to the dentist or eye doctor may mean more out-of pocket expenses unless you get extra coverage. Not every Medicare Advantage plan comes with dental and vision insurance. And, while Medigap sometimes covers major procedures like cataract surgery, things like eyeglasses and contacts are not normally covered. You’ll want to talk to a Licensed Medicare Advisor to make sure you can get coverage for all the things you’ll need after you retire.

Dental benefits

You can get coverage for your regularly scheduled cleanings, X-rays, extractions, fillings, and even dentures.

Vision benefits

We can cover your annual eye exam, along with your lenses, frames, and contacts. Plus, you can get allowances on non-standard frames, specialty contacts, and post-cataract eyewear.

Hearing benefits

On top of routine hearing exams, your membership may include lower copays for high-quality hearing aids through TruHearing™.

Over-the-counter benefits

Some Medicare Advantage plans come with extra allowances for over-the-counter health items like vitamins, cold medicine, and cough drops.


Questions about above coverage?

Talk to a Licensed Medicare Advisor to make sure of any of the above coverage options are included in your plan.

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